I put my pain away from my sight and pretend it isn’t there;I’m afraid I might start to ache from my healing wounds,afraid they’ll get dug up by the thousands of tiny claws that gnaw at my inside. I thought pretense could numb away my pain,I thought clowning and chattering away moments could help get … Continue reading Maze

7 fun facts about me

Fun facts about me •I don’t like frosted cupcakes I prefer my cake with the frosting in between the layers of the cake rather than on top of it. •Redvelvet cake is my least favorite cake Yes! I don’t even know why but it’s just my least favorite cake and banana cake is my new … Continue reading 7 fun facts about me

When I “tried” to get my mum into FitFam…

Hey guys!

I hope you’re all good.So as promised last week,here is one of the blog posts I like and relate to that I would like to share with you guys.Actually,this post will be a little of ‘s post ‘Girl Problem:Fat Girl Problems and ‘s ‘When I “tried” to get my mum into FitFam….So you all should sit back,relax and get a cup of warm water as I take you through my ‘healthy lifestyle‘ journey.Yeahhhhhp

Am I the only person that doesn’t know her weight? No! I can’t be.So let’s skip the part of my weight for the last two years and now. All I know is that I’m becoming fat and well,somehow I don’t like it.I am not obese but still,most times people assume an age for me that I’m way younger than. So since I’m not among those who can eat everything and still not get fat, then I will eat and enjoy because I cannot com an kee mysef oh.Ah! .So many times,I just wish I can slim down in two days without exercising or portion control:(

But then the thing is,people always see me as normal sized.Well,what is fat to me may not be fat to you.Just like @hafsasuledauda,I use the word ‘fat’ fondly.Somehow,I find it offensive when chubby people are being called ‘thick’.

Then to the Fitfam thing

I and my mum do this alot,sometimes I give up the ‘healthy lifestyle’ first,while sometimes she does. I can not even count the number of times I and her started the no dinner ‘thing’ (routine or lifestyle idk😅) and stopped. Most times when we start,at around 5pm I’ll be like lemme eat my dinner now,and then by 10pm at night you will see me with another plate of food😬.

Everyday I’ll be like okay..I need to adopt a healthy lifestyle,I’ll start by tomorrow in shaa Allah.And then tomorrow comes,and that’s when my family members will decide to make all the yummy things on earth:\.At night again before I sleep, I’ll be like by tomorrow in shaa Allah I’ll start..well that’s how I keep postponing everything.

And then during our long break I gained so much weight so I decided to reduce my portion and do at least 20 minutes exercise daily but guess what? My body fought back and I gained more wait instead of reducing.It’s honestly not easily.I will try and keep you guys updated and in shaa Allah,I’ll try and know my weight.See you soon!

And please don’t forget to check their blogs..they’ve got nice contents there!

So, My Mum has crossed the age 40 mark and as her metabolism isn’t what it used to be, I decided to focus my weight loss strategies on her. Not the weightloss plan I wrote about last week, which resulted in me gaining more weight, but a legit one this time. Before I go any further though, I have to write a disclaimer considering I want to sleep in her house tonight and  I have no other place to go, here goes: 

It’s not the food that’s making her fat, or the lack of exercise, its the hormones and the other health conditions she struggles with“. 
She would want me to state the above, which she constantly sings everyday, whether I agree with it or not.

That being said, this is usually how our weight loss strategy goes:
When it’s school session and I call…

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