Orange Star

I wrote this poem sometime last year and posted it on my Instagram page but deleted it for some reason..Now I’m posting it here! Happy readingπŸ™‚



My magnificent

Orange star that sends

It’s rays into the depths

Of my soul and give warmth

To the blood in my veins

That when I stare too long

It’s beauty can make me blind

And if not for it my sanity would

Have been ripped apart


Even when you

Take a break to

Rest in your throne

Shielded with Sparks

No one dares to go close

When you bid me farewell

To slip into your realm of blinding

Light and fire and Sparks

And perhaps you never know

How beautiful the sight of you is

That lovers take time to watch

And the heartbroken

You ignite their long buried hope

Their hope and wish for unbridled

And undying love


Never have I seen sunset

And not expect darkness

My favourite part of the day

That escorts the

The moon and the stars

My favourite companions that I adore

Even though I’m ignorant

Of what the next second holds

It’s sowed in my mind

And everyone around

That you’ll show up


I’m not the heartbroken

Neither the one in love

For all I know is that

I await you everyday

I do not have a favourite

Star nor a deep scar

But the light of a starry night

Is incomparable to anything

The tiny Sparks from the

Twinkling stars that reads

My mind and make me smile

Fhe crystal of the moon

That makes me “wow”

And the black of the night

I look up to in my darkest of days

What is the moon and the stars without this dark????

4 thoughts on “Orange Star

  1. The moon an the stars are nothing without the dark sky indeed. I love this it has some kinda melody that played in my ear. This is so beautiful


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