When It Hits

Who wants to even talk about it? Even when we start,we change the topic to a lighter one. Even though deep down we know,that is one destiny we all share,the ending of our different stories whether good or bad,full of happiness or suffering. That is what we have in common,every living creature shall taste death. Sometimes when its being talked about in a place,we leave that place.

But those thoughts have ways of creeping back into our minds.Sometimes when sleep deserts us at night,and we start to think. Maybe we are next,maybe someone close to us. Today we are crying for another persons demise while tomorrow others will cry because of us,that’s it. We never know how close we are to death.

One moment we are alive,the next we are no more. Then all those days we have had,with people both close and far become nothing but memories. And these memories,it’s sad that sometimes they cannot remember them no matter how hard they try. Those memories,whose edges once cut and pricked at their hearts,and made them shed tears for loss they find hard to bear will become blunt,blunt edges that won’t even be felt anymore.

Somedays,we try to remember the faces of people we once held dear,but we can’t and then feel guilty for being forgetful. It’s nothing,these things are out of our control,our grip.

Every second is a new chance,each breath we take brings us closer to our deaths. Change does not require

a new day,or a new sunrise. Make good use of your time while you still have the chance to. Be grateful,life is too short.

May Allah take our lives when he is most pleased with us.Ameen

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