Hope is the

Seam that bind carefully

The edges of

Reality and dreams.

It nudges

The spirits awoke

To not while away

Lost in dreams.

Hope is somedays

Gloomy and grey

As your sky


Bright and colorful

Or as your mood.

Hope to some

Is a watchman

And custodian

To the keys of frustration

An ally to the deserted

Kingdom of failure

A woeful act they say

Hope to some

Is the unicorn

That they ride on

To chase their dreams

Along the long road

Galloping sometimes flying

And do you wonder

What hope is to me?

She is one

That never leaves

She sits disguised

At the corners,

Crevices in my heart

She sits

And watch me bleed

And when I’m done

Hope never

Hands me a cotton wool

To clean my bruises

Nor does she

Nurse my wounds.

Hope sits quietly

And watch

Until the day

I decide to make

That wake up call

Until the day

I make up my mind

To add a little fuel

To rekindle that

Dying flames of hope

That I too

Pretend not to see.


When you look at it

You’ll realize

That it is all you

It is you that never

Gave it a chance

It is you

That is afraid

Of leaving your

Comfort zone

And it is you

Who never take risks!




Hey guys!

It’s been a while. I have been very busy with school and I just finished my exams last week. I hope to update soon in shaa Allah.

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